Your story is important…

Life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting.  My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply through the psychotherapy experience.  I am a psychotherapist, specialising in early adulthood and adolescent development. I offer support to those who have experienced hardships or want to understand their inner conflicts more clearly finding new ways to deal with, and alleviate, distress. 

Therapy is not like talking to a friend, and instead of offering advice it is more about helping you get a fresh perspective and assisting you find your own understanding of what you are dealing with. It is often easier to talk to a professional therapist than a friend or family member, as your counsellor is not personally involved in your situation, they can offer impartial empathy and compassion.

Is therapy for you?

Psychotherapy is for anyone who is willing to look at themselves and their issues and accept help. It is a chance to talk with someone confidentially, who can help you learn new ways of looking at your situation. This can help you be more aware and capable of solving problems on your own.